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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw the movie last night and ughhhhh too much awesomeness! :) 00Q <3! Can you recommend any good 00Q blogs to follow? :D

ahhhheeikhjakfhjklfasj yay :3

well, aglassfullofhappiness is an awesome blog in general, also a 00q shipper and graphic-maker, so there’s that. i usually just creep around the tag and read stuff :D

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  1. aglassfullofhappiness said: oh my gosh. wow. thank you for the rec, I’m really flattered (secondly, graphic-maker? me, photoshop?!?!? haha). Hope you’re having a great week <3
  2. fangirlofrandomness said: awesome! Thanks! :) Hehe. same! I have been in the 00Q tag since last night! It’s great! I think I’ve read all the fanfiction! XD
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